Hiking in the Cameron Highlands

The Cameron Highlands is a hill station perched on a corner of the Titiwangsa Range in Pahang. It is considered one of the last remaining stretches of virgin forests in peninsular Malaysiaand if you like walking you’ll love the nature walks and mountains here. Plus there are plenty of chances to enjoy the flora as well including brilliant orchids.

A view of tea in the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia.

A view of tea in the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. Pic: Will Ellis from Reading, England, Flickr.

However it is advisable to take a guide on some of the trails as they are quite poorly marked. Some of the guesthouses have free walks and many shops and hotels sell or provide maps showing the local trails. They will also advise which you can or can’t do on your own.

Thanks to the elevation of the highlands it offers a far cooler climate for enjoying such exertions. However you should always take food, snacks and rain gear with you and let someone know where you are going.

Orchid flowers in a flower garden, Cameron Highlands.

Orchid flowers in a flower garden, Cameron Highlands. Pic: Saravanan.

Parit Falls (30 minutes)
This is one of the easiest trails to undertake. It is listed as trail 4 on maps and starts in the centre of Tanah Rata town at the Century Pines Resort near the Old Smokehouse. The trail leads direct to the falls, although it is mossy, damp and with plenty of tree roots underfoot. Near the falls a side trail leads up to a 30 foot high watchtower from which you have a nice view of the Cameron Highlands tea fields.

Robinson Falls (1 hour)
A slightly longer trail from Tanah Rata leads to this more impressive waterfall and is another frequently trampled option. The trail starts southeast of town on the road to Mardi.

Boh Tea Estate (3 hours)
To combine your walk with the Cameron Highlands’ most famed resource, tea, consider this route to the Boh Tea Estate. According to their site they are “Malaysia’s largest producer of premium black teas and the country’s No. 1 preferred brand.” To test the theory go along and try them for yourself. To get there take the 9A trail past the Robinson falls to Habu Village main road, then turn left and continue another 3km.

The BOH Visitor Centre.

The BOH Visitor Centre. Pic: Loke Seng Hon.

Gunung Beremban (4 hours)
Gunung Beremban at 1,840m in altitude is another medium level hike with well-worn trails. There are a number of ways to reach the top. From Tanah Rata you can take trail 7, from Brinchang trail 2 behind the Sam Poh Buddhist temple, or trail 3 near the golf course, or even follow the route to Robinson’s Falls and branch off trail 9 onto 8. Many consider this latter route as the least arduous. Whatever way you go, great views await from the summit.

Gunung Brinchang (4 hours+)
This is the highest peak in the highlands at 2032m and a must for many walkers. Indeed it is well worth it as the summit provides incredible views of the surrounding region, however it can often be clouded over. Start early for the best chance of an unimpeded summit view. It can be advisable to get a guide for this trek, otherwise take trail 1 on the main road north of Brinchang.

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