Breakfast Is Not Just for Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, or at least that’s what people say. It’s such a flexible meal – you can have it light with just a bowl of cereal and yogurt, or go for heavier dishes like nasi lemak. Do you prefer savoury dishes like eggs and beef bacon, or would you prefer sweeter things like pastries and kuih nyonya? The choices are infinite. And its flexibility is not limited to the types of dishes we can have – breakfast is also a meal that you can take at any time, replacing the usual lunch or dinner fares. This is especially wonderful for those who just doesn’t have time to eat breakfast early, enjoys sleeping in during their off days, or to those who just loves having breakfast meals during other times.

There are many places in KL and the Klang Valley that offers all-day breakfast menus (or at least extended until noon). Here are some of my favourites to go to when I’m craving for a hearty breakfast goodness:

  • Mukha Café
    Lorong Rahim Kajai 13, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, KL



With a rustic concept that welcomes you the moment you step in, Mukha offers a range of dishes including Middle Eastern-inspired ones that not only fills you up, but comforts you as well. My favourite dish has to be shaksuka; a dish made of eggs, potatoes, beef bacon, cheese and tomato sauce, baked into a wonderful gooey goodness that fills you up just right. To complete the meal, combine it with their flat white coffee, or their specialty hot shahi tea, which is Arab tea infused with mint leaves.

And if you’re still hungry and want to have something sweet to end your meal with, right next door is Souka Bakery, where you can find delectable cakes and pies. One of their best sellers is the Peanut Butter Pie, with the kind of richness that hits at just the right spot.

  • Plan B
    Several outlets in the Klang Valley; please refer to their website



Plan B’s breakfast menu is available until 6pm daily, and has many varieties to appease you anyone with the most discerning palate. When I want to have just a small meal to begin a long day with, I usually opt for their Breakfast Burrito, a Mexican-inspired dish that is wholesome and light. Or, if I’m feeling especially famished and want to indulge, their Big Breakfast would be a good meal to last me for a while. With eggs, turkey bacon, beans, grilled tomatoes, Italian sausage patties and has browns served with ciabatta bread, it even makes for a great meal for an early dinner.

  • Ben’s General Food Store
    Publika Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur



Owned by The Big Group (the same company that owns Plan B), Ben’s General Food Store doesn’t have as much variety as their sister restaurant, but the quality of food is just the same – fresh ingredients that ensure for the ultimate burst of flavours in every dish. I’m a big fan of their baked eggs, where it comes in two choices – Mexicana or Americana. Their selection of French toasts are wonderful options, too, and would be a delicious choice for those who enjoys a little bit of sweetness in their breakfasts. What’s unique about Ben’s General Food Store is their location – situated in a grocery store, you can easily proceed with your weekend grocery shopping as soon as you’re done with your meal. Delicious food and convenience. What else could you want?

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