Berjaya Langkawi Resort: Luxurious, yet unspoiled

Rainforest Studio at Berjaya Langkawi Resort.

When choosing a destination, it is unfortunately possible to find oneself on a beautiful tropical island that has been overrun with souvenir shops, bars, restaurants and poorly behaved tourists that detract from the experience.

So it was with a touch of trepidation that I searched for an Asian island resort, hoping to find luxury whilst still retaining some semblance of local culture.  I decided upon the Berjaya Langkawi Resort on Langkawi Island off the west coast of Malaysia, near the Thai border.  Berjaya is a huge resort of 400 chalets set amongst 30 hectares of natural rainforest.  By booking on Berjaya’s website, I secured four nights for the price of three.

Flying from Kuala Lumpur, the plane passed over clear water speckled with wooded islands.  Langkawi Island itself was sufficiently developed to provide everything required by the discerning traveler, but not enough to detract from its natural beauty.

The swimming pool at Berjaya Langkawi Resort.

Arriving to a welcome drink at the resort’s vaulted lobby, I was subsequently shown to a refurbished Rainforest Chalet, an enormous room with gorgeous fittings in earthy tones.  A large balcony afforded views of monkeys and flying squirrels frolicking in the nearby trees.  The resort provides free nature walks and these assisted in understanding the flora and fauna of the area.Not being peak season, I enjoyed the pool and restaurants in relative peace, but would imagine a fully booked resort would not provide such quiet surrounds.  It was easy to access activities such as jet ski rides – experiencing salt water splashing against my face under sunny skies was exhilarating.  Only one kilometre from Berjaya is the Langkawi Cable Car that provides a dizzying and breathtaking view over the island.

Eating is always a pleasurable experience in Malaysia and the wonderful Pahn-Thai restaurant sits atop a long pier.  It is a perfect location for watching the sunset in the luxurious and natural surrounds of the Berjaya Langkawi Resort, a place worthy of a return visit when I again feel the need to pamper myself.

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